Why do I (need to) Keep Writing?

Jan 19, 2020

Why do I (need to) Keep Writing?

I experienced a career downfall last year. I took a step back from writing. This however gave me an opportunity to think about why I should or want to keep writing – ‘What do I want from it (writing)?’ I had to reconnect with my priorities and the simple aim which made me create this blog.

I have always been passionate about self-development. I believe that everyone has, and can build resilience and inner-strength to overcome adversity. In the last two years I have worked in forensic mental health service in which there is a great disconnect between suffering and passion. I devoted to help patients (sometimes staff too!) reverse the ingrained belief that they would never be able to be free from ‘being locked up’. Now I still hold the same belief that everyone could deliver a powerful change when they are connected with their potentials and motivation.

Therapy does offer an empathic and respectful space for people to relook into their lives and alleviate suffering. However the number of individuals a psychologist/therapist can reach is limited. From a systemic perspective, 1:1 therapy cannot directly leads to social change.

This is how my blog was created 7 years ago. I opened the blog with a simple thought – ‘I want to share about my passion in positivity, empowerment and healing’. This blog is about sharing what’s been and is useful for me – I immerse myself in the world of inspirations, empowerment and healing. When there are failures and suffering, there is hope and growth. I also find comfort in the everyday mindfulness practice: yes we can nurture our wellbeing or what we call as the psychological health. I find that positivity and empowerment come from us being mindful and connecting with the nature.

At the beginning, writing was just a hobby to me. A few people approached me and said they felt empowered by my words. I found it very encouraging. I was amused there is actually a positive impact created through my words. Some also asked me to give ‘psychological advice’ as an expert. In fact I personally struggle to relate to what I regard as ‘smart writing’. I come across with abundant resources and knowledge prepared by different experts. They are very good at giving lists of perfect solutions for overcoming adversity or tips about excelling in life. What about putting aside the professional hat and we focus on individual experiences of a person like me and you? When I was a trainee, I always wondered how trainers apply their taught skills into their own lives – does their expertise help them progress better than the others?

I believe that nothing is more powerful than being able to show my genuine side to the others. This includes my vulnerable experiences of hitting the bottom, losing hope to move on, or no longer believing in positivity. We are not alone, and we could always find support and a glimpse of hope from each other. I want to challenge, at least to myself, a common fear that professionals can jeopardize the therapeutic relationship by showing too much of themselves. And so I attempted to step outside the stereotypical clinical bubble – don’t be personal, don’t reveal too much of yourself, stick with the evidence based discussions.

Looking back, my seven years of writing is a self-growing journey. I have tried to balance sharing by showing both my ‘professional hat’ and the authentic and personal thoughts. I am a ‘so-called’ expert in psychological wellbeing, but I am also a vulnerable human being who has experienced adversity and failure like everyone has done, from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem to trauma. I have tried to effectively relieve suffering, both in vain and with success, and reconnect with my passion and confidence.

In this year, I will continue to promote the belief in empowerment and inspirations – my principal passion in writing. I also ponder on the more effective ways of writing which could bring a more positive impact. I will post less frequently than before but with a particular focus on using the different artistic means: words, poems, inspirational quotes, stories and photography.

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