Who Am I? On My Professional and Personal Philosophy Journey: Part One

Who Am I? On My Professional and Personal Philosophy Journey: Part One

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This sharing was written a month ago in my other blog (I did not have this current blog opened that time) as I intended to share about my journey on counseling. I decide to also post here, and I hope you may find it relating to you.

Part One

Recently as I was writing about my cultural experiences in Shanghai, another city of my home country, (http://corimuscounseling.blogspot.hk/2014/04/an-insight-to-local-chinese-culture-my.html) I began to realize the emerging assurance of my conveying messages coming from my inner triggered feelings. I am more aware of my being as I experience myself, the world and the relationship in between. What fascinates me as I read through my previous writing in the past year, is how my thinking evolves along my experiencing, as well as responding to the world. I believe that my input is a personal and real account as demonstrating a individual’s process of empowerment and growth through being “self”.
Now I endeavor to further write about what it really means to be self.

HOW one goes to “being the self”.
WHERE “being the self” leads us to.

And before completing this topic I feel much to go back to myself, my own experience on how I found my journey of “being”, and the later growth in philosophy/beliefs.

My upbringing
I was born in Hong Kong, China, a modern and international city.
Hong Kong is one of the notable East Asian cities under the Western influences in many ways, notably the British colonization. I grew up under the mixed Western and Traditional Chinese parental influences, which leads to my sophisticated, if I could pinpoint it in this way, yet sometimes conflicting and confusing being. That was probably the reason of my rising interest in understanding the diverse cultures and lifestyles in the world, and the dream of going abroad.
In my last year before adulthood I began a life-altering experience. I departed my home country to England for the education in Psychology. My encounter with the different people from diverse cultural backgrounds triggered the different questions. Who am I? How am I in front of the others, and others in front of me – how do I perceive the differences in between? I became aware of the important and inseparable part culture has taken in my Iife, and many of the conflicting issues began to make the clear sense to me. For instance, I saw how equality is demanded among many individuals, and at the same time the powerful hidden hierarchical relationships; or the society encourages freedom and outspoken characters, yet among the personal relationships such characters are regarded as a disgrace, and that “being humble” would be rather the respectful traits (such cultural perspective shall be elaborated further in the latter parts). I was forced to make clear of such assumedly unsolvable conflicting cultural learning/influences, and was determined to conduct reconstruction and findings of such differences. As the psychology learning I underwent was of biological scientific base, thus at that time it appeared to be a natural progression to me to agree with the seemingly objective doctrine, and stretch my knowledge from upon it.     (To be Continued)

Part Two: http://corimuscoun.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/who-am-i-on-my-professional-and-personal-philosophy-journey-part-two/

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