Who Am I? On My Professional and Personal Philosophy Journey: Final Part 3

Who Am I? On My Professional and Personal Philosophy Journey: Final Part 3

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Moving On: Then What?
   Upon graduation I returned to my home country to reunite fully with my parents, with the passion that I could integrate my experiences with my professional counseling work. I re-resided in the family home (the common Eastern cultural practice that daughters only leave their parents’ homes upon marriage), and began to develop my professional counseling practice, yet only to be confronted with the social situation which there was lack of room for counseling field development in Hong Kong. Instead, I decided to enter the local social work environment. I began by working in a local non-governmental social organization which allowed me the direct experiences with the diverse populations, before an opportunity was given to me to work in a local college which consists a small population of around 2000 late adolescents and early adults. Despite the dissimilar working field I was in, I am thankful to these rich experiences which allowed me to be immersed in the subtle interactive relationships within the Hong Kong Chinese context. 

   In many ways I admit I realized the change of me upon return to my home country, did not come easy with myself as well as the others. I faced the previously familiar world which then seemed different to me. A lot of old questions I asked myself before emerged again, with the additional new ones,

Who am I to the others Now?
How do the changed me interact with the others who do not share the similar experiences with me?
How do I apply my thinking to my home environment yet which lacks in the spiritual cultivation?
How do I continue the journey?  etc…

   Under such surrounding I was compelled to further widen my understanding to accept it was as difficult for the current me, as the old me before the overseas experiences, upon facing the surrounding. I was on another new journey. However, I knew deep in my heart it was the path I wanted to walk on to be “me”. Even there were times the pain and alienation I felt, yet through everything I have become the person I want to be, to myself, and to the others. And thus I continued my journey with the heart to be me, the real me.

     The personal and professional growth of me leads to this individual I am now. I hope the brief sharing of me helps explain some of my preference, interpretation and views of my own sharing which directly and implicitly reflects the personal as well as the professional thinking.

   Before I end, I hope to also include the inspiration and the tremendous influences from many humanistic and existential phenomenists/writers, especially Carl Rogers, whose writing I hungrily absorb along my journey. They have made clear of many of the thoughts and ideas I was unable to produce in writing.

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