White Lie – the Hidden Protection from the Truth

White Lie – the Hidden Protection from the Truth

White Lie_Aug 09 2014

Why do we talk a white lie?

Most give the different yet same good level of intentions.

Perhaps it is about protecting the other for being hurt.
Perhaps it is for the other’s own good.
Perhaps it is for the avoidance of the unnecessary details.
Perhaps it is for no reason at all.

I was once told by someone a white lie, and as soon as I realized the truth behind the lie, I was shaken.
I attempted to reassure myself the lie was with good intention, and it would not leave an impacting trace.
And yet across the increasing number of white lies I caught, now as I look back, was also the hidden and implicit increasing distrust developed towards the person.

I was not ok with the white lie, because as much as I felt the claimed care and concern over me, I felt distrusted.

Distrusted over being taken the right to make the decision whether I could take the truth or not.
Distrusted over being judged of my inability to accept the truth.
Distrusted over our relationship whether we could stand any negative consequences upon facing the truth.

Perhaps apart from wanting to protect and care for the other from the harm of knowing the truth, I wonder if it is also our vulnerability and fear of getting hurt/scared/blamed as we face the consequences of staying with the truth. It is about protecting others as well as for ourselves.

How about staying with the truth, yet being with the other to pass through the stormy truth?
How about not hiding behind the white lies, and learn to embrace the inevitable and natural negativity in our lives?

Be brave. Be real. Be true.

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