Where can we find Time?

Jan 7, 2020

Where can we find Time?

Finding time is always the biggest question to everyone.

Can we give ourselves time to rest?

Or the real question is,

do we allow to give ourselves time?

Often our first reaction is,

Surely there is nothing we can do to get time.

Life circumstances leave us no space.

Recently I have come to recognize I am the one who trap myself in this belief.

I was actually reminded by someone my urge to work to achieve,

as she repeatedly heard me say, ‘I have to do this and that…’

Who instructs me to do so?

I set many goals to achieve.

I give myself high expectations to fulfill the goals.

I am my own slave of time.

Everyone wants to achieve something.

‘Work hard and you get the equivalent reward at the end.’

What if we burnout before we reach that point?

Getting work life balance is a lifelong wisdom for us to figure out.

We want to achieve to be happy,

and we also need to be happy before we could attain or even sustain our achievement.

And our dreams and wishes change across time.

We regularly question whether our achievement is what we want anymore.

At least at this point, I start challenging my belief by taking half an hour out to do some self-soothe.

Work hard, but also rest well.

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