When in Rome: Notice the Small

When in Rome: Notice the Small


Traveling is always a bit of a challenge for everyone. When in a new city and you only have a few days, you may simply want to work out a ‘perfect’ plan to be able to go to as many ‘well known’ spots as possible.

So much to see, so much to take in. We never seem to have enough time for traveling. Do we even have time to slow down and notice the bits of small and beautiful things around us?

In Rome, I was overwhelmed by the many magnificant massive touristic sites – Colosseum, Roman Forum, the Vetican, the Pantheon…etc. In the past two days, basically I have been struggling to run between the sites to see EVERYTHING.

Then by chance I was stuck in the neighborhood yesterday morning near my staying accommodation. I was waiting for a traveling companion to finish breakfast in a local cafe. I looked around and found this little beautiful plant. I became amazed when coming to realization my loss of touch with the appreciation of the small which I usually mention about.

I took time to appreciate this small yet delightful view. I continued to enjoy everything big and small during the day.

Treasure the small around us.
They are the true lessons to appreciation and respect.

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