What would you do…?

What would you do…?


“If you are given a month time, you can do anything. Anything. What would you do?”

I am given a total of at least three months of sick leave since my physical injury, so that I can remain at home for the optimized rest. Now two months have passed, and as I was talking to a few good friends, I couldnt help but realize how much time has past despite my unseemingly changable life routine at home. Then that question came to me – what would I really want to do?
Usually we are caught up in the cosmopolitan and busy, or repetitive life schedule, that even chances are appearing in front of us, we do not know how to take the chance.

Imagine. Think. Visualize. I believe no matter which situation we are in, we shall always ask what we want, and let ourselves enjoy the pure joy of imagination what it is like when we arrive at the moment of opportunities.
Only then when we truly come to the real moment, then we go to seize it.

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