What have we learnt so far from COVID-19? On Acceptance

What have we learnt so far from COVID-19? On Acceptance

In early April, it is clear that COVID-19 has made a full impact in the UK, in Europe and in the whole world. Many people finally sink in with this harsh reality and adapting into the ‘lockdown’ phase. As I have mentioned in the last post, we are still at the beginning stage of the pandemic. Now the world has confirmed that the novel COVID-19 is centered in central Europe and the UK. Yesterday it was broadcasted that the leader of the UK was just admitted to the hospital. This news speaks volume of how much COVID-19 is affecting the country. What do we accept at this stage?


  1. There is no fixed train track for our life paths, no matter how much prepared or privileged we are. As much as we expect things to happen in the way we want, or we try to plan our journeys in the ways we envisage, COVID-19 has certainly caught many of us off guard and it is not an overstatement that we are still underreacting to the current deadliest situation.
  2. Life is really out of our control. This pandemic is the perfect example to show how easy our lives can be disrupted by the external influences. We have no control at all of how the virus is spread, and how we can be 100% safe from it physically, emotionally/psychologically, socially, financially…What we are doing, at least the majority of us can only do nothing but to comply to the governmental guidelines to stay at home and prevent further spreading of the virus to the others.
  3. No one is safe and risk-free in this global pandemic. Many of us are born under the war-free era. We are raised within a comfort bubble that we can lead a stable and comfortable life. Now this COVID-19 has crushed our illusion. We are in a medical and political war of health. We learn to accept that we need to be responsible, very very responsible for our own health and safety, even it means completely changing our so-called ‘usual’ past life-routine.
  4. No matter who this person is, no one should get ill (and yes this includes Boris Johnson, for those, modestly saying, who are in the oppositional political stance from him). This pandemic shouldn’t have happened as we should not be suffering from such horrific situation. Now that we are hit with this outbreak, everyone deserves to be supported.
  5. Acceptance of the reality is one thing, but learning to accept the harsh reality in our own lives, from the small to big matters, requires much more of our time and effort than we can imagine. Acceptance does not mean we are really happy this outbreak is happening. Acceptance does not help us eradicate negative emotions, or accept what is happening to us. The thing is, negativity is a very tricky thing. It can be a one-off explicit expression, but also covertly lies underneath the surface. When we are exposed to negativity which appears 24/7, and we are wrapped within tremendous insecurity, uncertainty and fear, even we seem to be doing ok today, we cannot guarantee we are well on the next day. It is true that negative emotions can sometimes creep out anytime, sometimes out of our expectation. There are days when we feel demotivated, bored and heavy. We will overcome it but it does not make our challenge appear easy to handle.
  6. Even we seem to be doing fine, and we are symptoms free, I highlight that all of us, to different extent, are under some form of psychological/emotional distress. Even we can be the most resilient individual or the most experienced expert, this deadly pandemic is something no one has comprehended. It is perfectly reasonable we cannot apprehend this situation and the adversity it presents, especially for those who are not just responsible for the own selves, but also the others – as daughters/sons to the worrying parents; caregivers to the others; professionals or service providers, etc.

At this stage, it is ok that we are not ok. No one is ok. We are suffering, and we are just doing our best to be ok. And we are coping. Acceptance does not mean we have to agree with the situation. It does not mean we conform to what is shown in the reality. It is not a sign of defeat. Rather it is that we radically accept our fear and vulnerability attached to the real reality. We open up how we become someone we are not used to, or how much distorted the world has become. We accept failures and mistakes around us – no one can be perfect anyways.

Don’t stay alone. The reason I am writing this post is because I stand with the belief that we shall not fight alone. Acceptance is not an easy process if we try to do it alone. By sharing and caring, we will be more open to change.

And change is necessary in this time.   

We accept to move on.

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