What have we done to the Earth?

What have we done to the Earth?

air pollution

I thought of doing my regular writing today until just now I was reading a post from the internet – ’24 Overwhelming Images showing the Effects of Humans on Earth’. And then I can never let go of the images on my mind.

We are the managers of the world. With our exceptional intellect and wisdom that no other things have, we are privileged to enjoy the asset the Earth provides us.

And yet what about our responsibilities to maintain it and the other living beings? When we are desperate from the injustice or ill treatment, we seek for the different ways to raise our concerns and needs. What about the animals and plantations?

A picture speaks a thousand words. Even after writing an essay I can be equally lost in words on justifying our exploitative behavior. How can we be respectful when we do not care for our living environment? How do we learn the meaning of “give and take” when we only take our natural resources for granted and be ignorant of the silent cries from the wild life?

I believe that the meaning of a human being, an individual is inseparable from one’s relationship with the natural environment. We are all a part of the nature. What we do and what the nature does are closely intertwined with each other.

The fact is, we are not unfamiliar with this piece of knowledge. We are clearly aware of the dangerous situations in nature across the globe – the melting ice, the rising water level, the severity of air pollution, the disappearance of the rainforest, the close extinction of the animals…etc. We have certain environmental protection groups which actively help enhance social awareness and raise funds on tackling the problems. However, the most significant contribution these activities produce can never be compared with a slight change of living habit of every one of us.

Saving water via taking a shorter shower.

Never waste food by just having the right amount.

Save energy via switching off the electrical appliances each time we complete using them.

Be a smart consumer rather than a materialistic – check your wardrobe. You may have more clothes than you need.

And much more.

We all know all these little habits. The only problem is making them happen, and maintaining the practice.

And this is what I hope to highlight – may us find our inner power to do a bit of change.

I am writing not only to share the message to the others, but also set a reminder to myself – Let us take a step away from the ‘human beings only’ zone.

Think more about the Earth we all belong to.

May we have a good week.

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