We Can Want to be Happy

We Can Want to be Happy

Want Happy_Aug 13 2015

“Why are you putting on a frown?” “Do you have to be unhappy all the time?” “Can’t you think of anything positive?”

There are many things which pull us down. Stress us out. Agitate us. When we have thousands of thoughts of why we are upset/angry/hopeless, seldom do we take the initiative to ask, “Why are we not happy?”

Come to think of it, being upset/not happy are as if 2 sides of the same coin. Yet even under the shortest distance, we can go the completely diverging paths. When we are busy pinpointing our negativity, then we become soaked within it; when we ponder around ways to happiness, then we take action to work towards it.

Indeed life is hard, and we are inevitably bounded by the different struggles, setbacks and disappointment. Yet it is important we regularly take in the power of self-will –

At any moment, we do have a choice to be happy.

We can Want to be Happy, only when we allow ourselves to act it out.

When we are disappointed at our current career status, ask ourselves what brings us happiness in our career development – status, or simply the pleasure of life?

When we are agitated by mistakes in the relationship, ask instead how we can act to create more happiness between us – isn’t it what we ever want even we want to make things right?

When we are upset at being upset all the time, then what are the things and ways which can make us smile – perhaps simply an afternoon sitting by the beach? A warm hug by a friend?

Think of the side of happiness/goodness, so that our motivation button is triggered, and we act towards the beauty of positivity.

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