We can always choose to see a different perspective

Nov 29, 2017

We can always choose to see a different perspective

Even we are restrained by where we stand, we can still choose where to look at.
A photo shows where the photographer looks at, not where he/she stands.

When defined by negative labels of sadness, pain and illness, hospital itself does not necessarily associate with absolute negativity.
Start by noticing the small.
Some beauty can be found – a view from inside a hospital can be beautiful too.

We cannot choose adversity we are situated at, but we learn to see things in a constructive perspectives.

Beauty is not to be taken granted of; we actively search for it.
There is always negativity in positivity, but there is always positivity in negativity.
And the searching becomes beauty itself also.

(Photo taken from inside a hospital)
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4 Comments for “We can always choose to see a different perspective”
  1. The operative word here is: Choose. I’m pretty cool with other perspectives. We all have a right to our own, especially since our experiences are different. I learn a lot from other people because they have different models of the world. For me, the world is much more interesting because we are not all twins, and I don’t feel threatened by differences in vantage points. Enlightened every now and then, yes!

    1. Thank you for sharing – indeed it’s a choice but also our willingness to accept the truth, that the world is full of diversity. And we have to learn a way to work out equality.

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