We All Need to Re-Organize Our Minds

We All Need to Re-Organize Our Minds

Reorganize_May 1 2015

We sometimes need a wake up call to let ourselves realize how much we have been aimlessly running. Each day, we crawl out from bed, and rush to the hectic job. By the moment we walk into the office, our brains and hands automatically begin the long ten-ish hours of functioning. Meetings. Paperwork. Events. Until we pull our tiring bodies back home, and finally lie on bed, then we ask ourselves, “What is the meaning of the busy life?”

At some points in life, we have our down moments. There are things we cannot have, or failures we are bound to confront.

We are caught up with the chasing. We believe in the notion of devotion and persistence, and forget to ask the question of why. It is alright that we stay moving forward – are we really moving forward? Perhaps we can also take another choice of giving ourselves a bit of rest, for our bigger step forward afterwards.

Take time to put down whatever is already on our minds.

We vacuum the chaos, as well as the suppressed and hidden misery, frustration, self-blame, and isolation.

Instead replaced is the power of tranquility –

the scent of peacefulness, calmness and silence heals us.

Cause we do need re-organization from time to time.

Like the house needs constant cleaning and tidying,

So do our minds.

Clear our minds,

We calm our hearts, and return to our focuses in life.

Often this leads to the moment when we connect with what we truly want.

In the process of recovering and healing, we may actually gain more than we ask for – we will know what it is when we take time to explore it.

(Also in blog: http://corimuscounseling.blogspot.hk/2015/05/we-all-need-to-re-organize-our-minds.html)

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