Volleyball woman out of Iran prison

Volleyball woman out of Iran prison

Volleyball woman out of Iran prison http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-30170752

Whose fault is it?
A woman who simply wants to act out her rights to gender equality.
Or the government which does everything to protect its cultural and religious and social traditions.

Even I fight hard to stay neutral in attempt to understand both sides’ reasons and intentions, as a woman myself, I cannot help but feel so sad for the women in Iran. How can someone live in a world when they cannot even watch a game played by the opposite sex for fear of legal punishment and much serious and hidden physical abuse?

I wonder how they feel when they are so restricted in such world, yet internet allows them to know the happenings of the outer world people who have taken granted such freedom, people like me.

When one is under strong belief, and with the great power, then extreme measures would be conducted even humanity can be spared.

And those with no power are bound to receive the fate of being put to the weak side where they need to risk their safety and comfort zone to fight for what they want.

May a day comes when both sides can meet when no authority and power is placed in between.

Then one may truly listen to the other.

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