Use Our Hearts

Use Our Hearts

Heart_Eyes_July 22 2015

Sometimes, I do remind myself that I am the only person who can be blind folded by not being able to “see” the self. Because our eyes are made in the way that we see every surrounding thing, but not the self.

If we only rely on our eyes on trusting the evidential things and relationships, we may become dependent on tracing the footprints of the others, and soon forget about the self.

Our hearts have a magical power of connecting with each other. Like a mother immediately bonds with the own “child” the moment of pregnancy announcement, even without having to touch it or see it.

Let us treasure how special it is that we have the unique channels to our inner selves which no one else can share with. Only we can attend to our hearts on what we want, how we feel.

Our hearts can go much further than what lies within our visual horizons.

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