Unusual Art in Hong Kong

Unusual Art in Hong Kong


I noticed this anime art exhibition (Hong Kong) as I was about to meet a friend for catching up.
This piece of art is an unusual one. It does not follow the mainstream trend on beauty definition. Instead of promoting the aura of elegance and pleasant feeling, the character has the “normally defined ugly look” – small dead fish eyes, big unclosed month, and the character wears the mushroom custome – in the Eastern Asian anime culture, mushroom grows on your head as a dramatic humorous representation of you being defeated, and you sit at a dark corner being sulky.

I find this artwork amazing. It has nothing I am attracted to, yet it draws my attention and leaves me wondering how the artist arrived at such inspiration of creation.

The piece of art is not my liking, yet I take time to have a look and appreciate the behind artist’s effort and heart.

And I leave the place with learning and appreciation of the diversity of minds, and yet also the united and connected hearts of warmth.

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