Under Water: Another Beautiful World

Under Water: Another Beautiful World

“Only as I pay attention to understand it, then I open my heart to truly embrace the different world of mine.”

There is this fish tank in an elderly center near my neighborhood. This tank is owned by the center in charge who is a big fan of fish, and hence the first appearance of the fish tank two years ago.
Each week as I pass by the fish tank I often compliment about the prettiness of the planted aquarium design. Clearly the aquarium must have been under the meticulous care by the owner with great skill and devotion.
Last week at spare time I took time watching about this fish tank aquarium with a friend. The longer time I spent on it, the more fascinated I was about the small lives within the tank – the tiny shells sparsely lay across the plants; the small shrimps rubbed against the leaves to get food out of it. The fish lazily wondered around, showing off their neon light skin. Then a small plant caught my attention – there it was lying at the corner, yet it grew, so small, yet so beautifully and gracefully. I was amazed how such great work it has shown me despite its size and distant location.
I may have passed the aquarium for many times, yet it was my first time spending time really watching the every bit within the tank. No matter how many times I have complimented on the aquarium, hilariously until last week I never spent any time on attending to it.
Frankly I am no big fan of fish. For me, there is no way I can communicate with such animals. I do not get to understand their feelings or thoughts.
Perhaps before I would just appreciate its superficial pleasant and meticulous decoration, and nothing further. Now I begin attending to it, I realize the wondrous exploration of this water world. A different world, yet it is no alienating place as I spend time understanding it.
Perhaps the fish is no strange species I never get to connect with. The water world is not a world I live in, yet there are always ways bridging in between.
Only as I pay attention to understand it, then I open my heart to truly embrace the different world of mine.
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