Typhoon No. 8 in Hong Kong

Typhoon No. 8 in Hong Kong


Typhoon no. 8 warning signal was hoisted yesterday night in Hong Kong as a Typhoon approached near the city, and that led to my earlier departure from work, and some extra hours off work in the next morning.

A typhoon no. 8 warning signal means the severity of the typhoon could threaten human safety, and people would be adviced to return home for the best protection. Once the signal is off, then people can be given a maximum of two hours to return back to work positions.

In fact this is not the first time I write about Typhoon. During a typhoon period last year, while I was secretly happy for the extra off work time, I was also inspired to reflect on thanking the certain people who stayed within their job positions, and devote physically and mindfully to bring safety and security to the whole city.

This time I think about these people again, and I realize the change of heart. Something seem to be missing in me – the joy of getting the extra rest. I found the empty desire for the prolonged typhoon signal. As I was back to the office after the warning signal went off, I overheard a complaint over the government’s decision to cancel the hoisting of the warning signal at an awkward period of the middle morning. Then a thought came to me – the signal was not just for those like me who are waiting for the work return announcement, but for those who have battled against the storm for the whole night, and anxiously waited for the signal given to them to reassure them that the darkness is gone.

How would these people hope for the prolonged signal hoisting? I imagine the sense of relief and exhaustion as these people approach the end of danger, and they could put down everything and just go home.

When I think of this moment, I feel my feelings of gratitude and warmth for the early ending of the storm, and the opportunity for these people to leave the threat of danger.

Let us take time to appreciate the others, even those who seem to live in the different world from us. Through gratitude and understanding, we are connected.
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