Trying Something Different: On Cooking

Trying Something Different: On Cooking

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“Never be afraid of trying something new, Hassan. Very important. It is the spice of life.” from The Hundred-Foot Journey

I was inspired to share about cooking since a Thai/Vietnamese cuisine class I have taken recently. Cooking is relatively uncommon among the typical Hong Kong people, particularly for those who own full time jobs. With the easy availability of diverse food stores and restaurants around the city, many particularly the youngsters who need to handle their own meals on their own, are easily accustomed to the easier dining out or ready meals.

And therefore cooking becomes mere an option in one’s diet, and often even a burden. With ones hectic schedule and under the social influence on efficient and quick lifestyle, instead of spending an hour of cooking, why not just go downstairs and get takeaway food?

Those who are interested in cooking rather consider cooking as a luxury. Despite the official 6 working hours, not many can leave the office before 7p.m. everyday. In addition to the long traveling journey, instead of being persistent in creating the art of cooking, more simply prefer dining out in the neighboring area, and avoid the extra physical and mental demand for cooking.

For me, cooking has barely been part of my life. I never personally cooked until my overseas experiences when I was surrounded by more green than light, more time than tasks. Even so I always considered cooking as an extra tool and never related myself to it, hence the continuous procrastination, even I claimed in a number of times to conduct consistent cooking and baking practices.

In the cooking class I tried to make a few Thai and Vietnamese light dishes. I had an enjoyable time in the whole process, and there I attempted to rethink cooking not as a kill time or responsibility, but something I just put the heart in.

And thus I found myself be naturally willing to spend more time and effort in it.

Try the different. Add some bits of newness into our lives. We add the different spices in it.

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