Online Group Therapy Support 

I am now running online psychotherapy/support groups with Psychotherapist Juan Du.

In this virtual and confidential space, we work together on overcoming adversities and struggles during this difficult period, and gain personal resilience to adapt back to the own personal and professional living. 

In this group therapy, you as a group will develop a sense of belonging. You will benefit from the positive experiences of being a group via learning, accepting and embracing each other. This helps promote awareness of group behavior and help you work on the negative experiences in the own families.

(Our groups are informed by group analytic psychotherapy and reflective practice)

Group therapy includes both short-term and long-term therapies. An ideal number of members in the group ranges between 8 and 12.

Group genres:

  • Long term psychoanalytic group (for people from different ages, gender and professions) 
  • COVID-19 Trauma therapeutic group 
  • Stress/Anxiety Management group
  • Women’s group
  • University students’ group
  • Group for Working Professionals

people coffee meeting team

Each session costs 25 pounds; 15 pounds for individuals with lower income/unemployment

Time: 60-120 minutes

Available Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and English

If you are interested, please contact me to express interest with the following details:

  • Name and contact details (Telephone & email)
  • Which group you are interested at
  • Availability for us to call you back for an initial 20 minutes consultation.

Trainings and Workshops

I have teaching experiences in intercultural communication/competence and Chinese mental health.

What I offer:

Training/Workshop Topics (Now going Online)

Nov. 11. 2019 Public talk at Central Library, Manchester
  • Intercultural communication/competence
  • Chinese mental health/wellbeing, e.g. stress and pressure
  • What is Social Justice and application into a service
  • Experiential Self-development workshops
  • Educational workshops on Enhancing Wellbeing/Psychological Health

(Contact me to discuss about other specific topics I could offer training/support with)

Self-Development Groups (Now running online)

  • Support Groups for Chinese International Students
  • Communication Skills Groups
  • Enneagram (Personality testing) – knowing yourself better and enhancing your interpersonal effectiveness
  • Enhancing Life Skills (based on Dialectic Behavioral Therapy model)
  • Stress Management