To be Happy

To be Happy


We have gone a hard way to be happy.

It is interesting logic, as we did not know anything when we were small, and we seemed to be naturally happy; now as we are grown selves, we find it more difficult to be within that pure scent of happiness.

Sometimes we wonder if growing older is the trade off of our pure happiness. We develop and mature, and so our minds are expanded in the multiple complex dimensions – families, career, materialism, relationships…only that our capacity allows limited important elements.

On the other hand, our time is occupied by the conflicting priorities, but also the millions of tasks and sudden distractions. Not only are we torn by deciding on the priorities, we are further pulled astray from the additional-s.

Is this the reason why we are not happy anymore? I believe that among the many factors, there seem to be a common line, that we cannot take control of our lives as we want. We grow older, and so as the growing consciousness of what we want, and how we work out the ways to fulfil our desires.

But then it brings back to the question – what do we want?

We believe in our growth and complexity in life, and we are adapted to the sophisticated ways to attain gratification.

But then looking back, we used to be happy in the most simplest ways.

All along, we have want the same happiness, only our lives have led us to the more difficult uphill climbing to attain it.

I believe that at certain points, it is ok we return to the simplicity of happiness. 

Learn from a child. His/her sense of innocence heals us in the magical way.

Or attend to the nature. Its purity of existence brings us tranquility.

Look at our lives. Happiness can sometimes simply be derived from the smallest gesture.

It is true that we cannot separate ourselves from our intertwined complexities, yet we can choose to step aside at times and take in the simplicity of beauty.

What is our current baggage? What are things we do to lead us to happiness we want in life? It is good that sometimes we stop and have a think about it.

May the meaning of words be channeled to you.

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