To All Fathers

To All Fathers

To Father_June 19 2015

To all fathers in the world.

“Authoritative”, “Strong”, “Insensitive”. These are the words often used to label men with rough power. Unlike the females who are often more noticed with the expressive and emotional characteristics, men follow the hidden social forms of “taking actions instead of speaking; fighting instead of letting tears shed.”

The Silent Workers

Under the longstanding traditional influences of the gender roles, while the females have been underrated with the lack of concrete evidential contribution except the “emotional and caring support”, viewing from a different perspective, men are equally undervalued with the mere “financial and materialistic” provider. As the maternal instinct of the mothers are highly promoted, men are left with the limited choices of throwing themselves at the long hours of work, to provide financial stability throughout the children’s development.

Hard sacrifice which is often taken for granted, and neglected under the less verbal mouth. Despite the equal amount of contribution in the family, the fathers may in fact occupy the least scent of existence at home, with less quality time spent and relationship built with the members.

The Distant Authority

On top of their more distant connection with the family, as the “men”, fathers are often required to take up the handy, confrontative work. The foundation of  sweat. Warrior’s marks. They become the authority, top chain in the family circle, yet this also pushes the distance from the other family members. Even their hidden desire to understand their children, the distance may forbid them from doing so, or they lack the space to practice on how they do so.

The Hidden Emotions

No man can be separated from his own built family. The father day is not merely a day, yet a reminder for us to think of them, to feel their much implicit unspoken emotions.

The tiredness and loneliness from working alone.

The blockage and clumsiness in acting out tenderness.

The accumulated suppressed emotions and suffering.

The deceptive bravery as being the protector and warrior of home.

The forceful neglect of others’ lack of understanding, and the masked face.

These emotions we may have witnessed, but seldom attend to.

To All Fathers in the World. You are not Alone. You belong to the Family, and you deserve to be listened to, to be respected, to be treasured.

Let us all value the everyday chance in doing so.

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