About Tiffany

Hi! 你好!

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I’m Tiffany Leung. Here are a few things you want to know about me:

I am a UK HCPC accredited counseling psychologist and life coach.
I received all my psychology (BSc Hons), counseling (MA) and doctoral qualifications in the UK.

Where am I from?
I was born in Hong Kong China, a melting pot of the East & West. I love traveling and connect with people from all walks of life.
After passing my clinical training in University of Manchester, I continue to explore meanings of cultural diversity and equality in this city and in the UK. I have valued my bicultural experiences and ensure my work is delivered with cultural sensitivity.

What are my work experiences?
I currently work in the NHS and specialize in forensic/complex mental health. I have had over 7 years of counseling/therapy experiences in England and Hong Kong, China.

I have worked with different ranges of people/issues, including college counseling, ethnic minority groups, Chinese international students support, HIV support program, acute inpatient mental health, personality disorder inpatient care, parents of students with special educational needs, financial education/support program.
I have worked in different settings ranging from community college educational setting, local charities, to acute mental health inpatient setting and specialized forensic inpatient care.

What do I do also?
I am also an honorary lecturer and trainer in the University of Manchester on Intercultural Public health and Chinese mental health. In the last two years, I have led innovative projects on mainstreaming mental health/wellbeing among Chinese international students in the UK.
In my own time, I run two blogs on promoting inspiration, empowerment and healing.