Thousands at HK democracy protests

Thousands at HK democracy protests

Thousands at HK democracy protests

Thousands at HK democracy protests

I was watching the news from time to time yesterday regarding the protests. This news has neglected the fact that it was the young who started the demonatration and took a step out from comfort zone, to urge the government to listen to them. The news has also limited picture of the severity of Hong Kong disruption of peace, unification and harmony.

Many are ventalizing the anger and hatred to either party, or they turn a cold shoulder towards the issue. More are feeling avoidant and hopeless towards the chaos of the society, and plan to sell the properties and leave the city for good.

My heart is heavy and in pain for these people, as well as the police force which had to go physical to fight against the demonstrators. Many who are using violence and fight for the different reasons – perhaps for the own suffering, for the resentment towards the local government, or mainly just due to a job or responsibility, own benefits and so on. Yet we are all fighting and putting the negative towards each other.

How can we connect when we are too filled with anger and self centeredness? How can we listen when we are too engaged in own agenda? How can we give when we are too fixated at wanting and taking?

As part of Hong Kong, I feel inequality, the unfairness, the trimming hope. We want a change of situation. We want to stay out of misery and ill treatment. Yet I also know that with violence and confrontation, connections never meet, and people only continue to face each other with the hardening hearts, and more stubborn minds.

Can love, peace and understanding not heal alls minds, and turn people from self centeredness to giving? Under such heated protest, I feel the fading scent of understanding, patience and love.

Yet here I hope to continue to share my belief in the power of love and spirit, the continued blessing to not just the protestors, but also the police and its behind government, to hope for the softening heart to turn to respect, genuineness and willingness of understanding,

The battle seems fierce and hopeless, yet a storm always has its ending point. So as the protest. And the important point is the aftermath of storm, when we taste the truth of wound and pain. Love will stand it all.

And so I will continue to pray, care for and listen to the Hong Kong voices.

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