Psychological Therapy

‘The Person is not the Problem. The Problem is the Problem.’

YOU are not the problem. Having mental health problems is not anyone’s fault.
We simply just need help and understanding to overcome our difficulties and challenges.
In therapy, you can COMPLETELY BE YOURSELF – good and bad; positive and negative, laugh, cry and shout…

Here I provide you with a safe and confidential space for you to explore anything.
No Shame. No ‘Losing Face’. No Judgment.

I listen to you.

Areas in Therapy Include:

  • Dealing with COVID-19
  • Overcoming challenges of studying overseas
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Living with psychosis
  • Managing personality difficulties
  • Long-term therapy (stuckness & resistence to change)
  • Living with HIV
  • Dealing with bullying/racism
  • Working with Chinese/individuals with Chinese Cultural backgrounds

I also offer personal therapy and clinical supervision for trainees and qualified professionals.

Languages: English/Cantonese Chinese/Mandarin Chinese

Fee (per hour): £100 (low-cost/concession rates available for a limited number of clients – contact me for details);
Clinical supervision/personal therapy for trainees/qualified professionals:  £50

What is Therapy that I Offer?

Therapy is for those who wish to have professional support on reversing adversities and suffering, or overcoming challenges in life.

I also provide online and therapy at a distance for people who wish to access support at a time and in a place which is convenient to them. They include ‘live’ online therapy, such as skype or zoom, telephone and email contact.

How Does Therapy With Me Work?

  1. I value each relationship with a client and I believe in the power of LISTENING. Working with me, you can ensure receivingWarmth & Empathic listening, Patience and Cultural Sensitivity.
  2. My work is tailored to your own situation and needs.
    I discuss with you carefully your options.
    I welcome an open and honest discussion.
    I am not afraid of stuckness or hopelessness. I don’t fit you in a fixed ‘therapy model/guideline. I work creatively and flexibly with you to Think outside the box. ‘One size doesn’t fit all – let’s try again‘.
  3. My professionalism is based on my integrated approach based on a range of evidence based therapies,
    i.e. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Art-based Techniques, Solution Focused Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic Therapy and Narrative Therapy.
    My practice is also built upon the fundamental principles of humanism. I ensure that my clients are supported by an empathic understanding, as well as treated with a compassionate genuine and warm attitude.

With the support of therapy, you will have positive changes in your personal and professional relationships, improved communication skills, and a reduction in the symptoms. No matter where you might find yourself in life, Corimus is here to help you and support you in a healthy and safe environment.

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