The Urban Nature

The Urban Nature


To describe the Hong Kong city, many may easily relate to the cosomopolitan and modern scenes – the skyscapers, colorful night lighting, and the overcrowded views everywhere within the city.

Recently I have grown the habit of appreciating the signs of nature around me. No matter whether in the central area or the greenland, nature is everywhere, and it is ever changing. A few days ago I was stopped by this interesting and refreshing cloud view which formed a pleasant color contrast with the dark shades of the Hong Hong local building.

Compared with the breathtaking nature scenary, I find myself treasuring more the often blindsided natural beauty within the city hub. For me, the constant attending to it can bring new findings and waves of happiness day by day.

As we live within the developed civilization, let us also take time to appreciate the ever lasting, forever refreshing and aspiring nature.

As time passes, things change, and we change; let us still take time look at those which stay unchanged, and we appreciate its presence around us.

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