The Urban Nature: Continued Shot

The Urban Nature: Continued Shot

the urban nature_continued shot

This shot was taken as I was rushing to attend a schedule. I was initially in a hurry mood, but was stopped by this wide blue and white scenary.

I decided to stop and enjoy such moment for a while. As I pressed the camera botton, a few birds flew pass me to the upper air, and thus I also coincidentally captured them in the photo.

I enjoy these daily moments of surprises. I do not think that I am a fortunate person, and I never wait for surprises to come. Yet perhaps it is as I learn to actively see, hear, taste, small, and touch, then naturally the magical moments occur.

I send this bit of empowerment I receive. I hope you take time to attend to the surrounding. Sense. Think. Feel. And we lead a much grateful and happy life.

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