The tragic case of Nigeria’s ‘bird’ woman

The tragic case of Nigeria’s ‘bird’ woman

Witchcraft in Nigeria

Witchcraft used to be a fantasized storytale for me. Growing up in a secure and relatively developed city, I have learnt the spirits of science, technology and superpower forces are merely past imaginations and interesting themes for entertainment industries.

As I became more in touch with the global issues, say in this year, the Islamic Army, the Gaza war, or the teenage girls aduction in Nigeria, it became more understanding for me how one’s belief can be so strong that he/she can be given power to judge and control the other person.

For these forces and groups which believe in their own righteousness, they do not regret to use physical aggression and ultimate life control over the other persons.

For me, whether witchcraft is real or not is not the prominant question anymore. I wonder if belief can give rights to people on determining another’s life. Witchcraft is no longer the mere movie or drama topic, it is the real tragic life matter for many in other parts of the world, particularly Nigeria.

Certainly I am not at the actual scene of Nigeria, and the identity of the woman in this news remains unknown. I take the moment to pray for this woman. May her spirit rests in peace.

I share this news to you all, hoping that we gain awareness and care by our openness to get in touch.

The tragic case of Nigeria’s ‘bird’ woman

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