The Storm has passed. Today is a New Day.

The Storm has passed. Today is a New Day.


The first day of sunshine after Typhoon No. 8. in Hong Kong.

I took an earlier bus ride to work today so that I could take time to notice the surrounding of my work place.

On the bus, I watched the brightest colors emanated by the sunlight. My skin feels the soft shades of warmth penetrating through the window glass. I feel the storm has truly passed.

I walked pass a building, and saw the green from the balcony peaking out, absorbing the energy of light.

I arrived at the office with joy, peace and gratitude. I took time taking this photo down, to remember the wonders nature has provided me today.

The storm has passed. Today is a new day. Let us live under the warmth of nature with peace, gratitude and love.
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