The Seventh Day of the New Year

The Seventh Day of the New Year

Human_Renri Feb 25 2015

“Men cannot live alone because they belong to each other.”  – Tiffany Leung

Today is the seventh day of the New Year according to the Chinese calendar, known as Renri (人日, Yan Yaat).

According to the Chinese traditions/customs, the seventh day of the first month was the day when “human beings” were created by Nuwa, the goddess who created the world.

On this day, people celebrate the festive day, but more take time caring for the others and sending the blessings.

Some send the gifts to thank the others for the beautiful relationships built.
Some gather to enjoy a pleasant meal, and chat through the night.
Some take time to send blessing words to each other, hoping that all take in the warm energy from the words.

We learn to care for each other, because we are all the same man kind.

Perhaps the festival itself is only a tradition, or something followed by the ancient people.
Perhaps the celebration is only created by a imaginative fairy tale, or something not existing in the first place.

However, the meaning of the day itself transcends the originality of the past story. It is of care, connection and love. As we practice the care for each other, it is not about fulfilling the festival anymore – we care, because we realize the same humanness shared, and it matters.

I bought a cake to share with my colleagues today. In my heart I thank them for being with me at work, and I hope to send them my blessings and care via this small giving.

And now I take time to send you all the blessings. I am gifted, blessed and grateful to be a person.

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