The Plastic Vase…Continued

The Plastic Vase…Continued

Think_Box Mar 14 2015

Think Outside the Box.

A vase does not have to be made of glass.
It does not even have to be solid and hard.

And so as our minds.
A problem does not need to be perceived in the certain pattern.
We do not always have to react in our own particular ways.

Take a step back.
While thinking of decorating the glass,
we look at at the bigger picture, at what is needed to contain the water.
And so we find a even more efficient and useful way in keeping the plant, as well as the vase.

Look beyond the obvious in front of us. Let us think of this vase in facing the challenge or problem, from the small deeds as remaking the vase, to the bigger ideas of creating the touchscreen monitors from the computers.

And that is how we see our relationships.

Look at the others with the deeper understanding.

Put down our glasses, and take others’.

“I believe this is how it is done…but how would he/she see it?”

“Is this the only way to our conflict?”

“What do I really want, or what does he/she want…and what do WE really want?”

And so we seek to understand, instead of reacting.

And so we step out from the “I” box, to the connected bridge with the others.

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