The Outer Home Scenary

The Outer Home Scenary


Hong Kong Home Ground View

Most of the homes in Hong Kong are based in housing estates. Unlike most of the English homes I saw in the UK in which there are two floored house or semi detached houses as well as a small garden, in Hong Kong most families do not live on the ground which is used as the common entrance space for the whole building, and same logic goes to the common outer area which is used for common paths and shared leisure areas.

A friend from The Isle of Man used to share with me her fondness of home entrance as she passed the freah green, sweet flowery scent and soft breeze of air. I imagined and felt the beauty, but could not really connect that with the subjective feeling of home, as for my home entrance is never personal for me, but only about  thousands of people passing each other without interaction.

In the past days, I was inspired to tend to the nature around me, in big and small. Then in a morning as I was on my way out from my living building to outside the estate area, I was stopped by this scenary moment and that caused me to take time enjoying and capturing that moment.

My shared home area is far from the beautiful garden like view. Yet standing there, I watched the soft sunlight falling at the green, and me under it, and somehow the sun fused well between the mankind living and nature. I looked at the two in the same picture, and I feel the harmonous connection, with each other, and with me.

This is Hong Kong, and it is my home.

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