The Only Animal which Can Outlive the Human Beings

The Only Animal which Can Outlive the Human Beings


Turtle/Tortoise (Tortoise in short) is an amazing animal. Due to their long lifespan, tortoises are often priased as the easygoing, wise and patient creatures.

In the ancient Chinese culture, having long lifespan was and still is one of the greatest wishes among the people. It symbolizes the great inner power of a person, and thus many, especially those with power and wealth often spent a great deal trying to find ways to prolong own lives, in the same means as prolonging own power and wealth. A notable example is a great emperor, Qin Shi Huang who unified the Great China from the split seven smaller countries. In his late years he was desperate to spend endless money and labor on searching for the “medicine which leads to forever life”.

Accordingly tortoise has become the sacred creature in the Chinese culture. With its longevity character, the calm yet powerful weapon, it sided with the phoenix, dragon, and tiger to become the “4 fabulous animals” which possess spirits, and across history many fascinating tales and stories have been created circulating on these animals, glorified and worshiped by the generations.

I love watching these tortoises. They are no ordinary animals. In many ways they connect with us. They carry the stories along the cultural evolution, and the spirits of history.

Attend to the nature.
Appreciate the lives around us.
Life is beautiful.
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