The Night City of Hong Kong

The Night City of Hong Kong


The Night City Hong Kong

After the busy work earlier today, I traveled to the Central area in Hong Kong for further learning. As exhausted and rush I was, I passed a foreign guy who seemed to be wondering around the area, and upon that moment I realized that I was so engaged in heading towards the destination that I became ignorant of the surrounding happening.

Later in learning I was inspired to write a thank you note for one person per week, which was suggested as a useful method for those under loss and stress. I decided to write a note for a classmate I happened to briefly interact with few weeks ago.

At the end of the class that classmate hurriedly left and I followed with slight hesitant feeling, “would it be a bother? would she feel awkward for my prompt act?”

As we turned the corner to the main street I took the courage to gently pat the classmate’s shoulder, and gave her the note. Her smile washed my whole day of tiredness.

I continued my returning journey alone, with smile, regained sense of calmness, and lightfulness. I walked pass this tall banking skyscsper, and captured that scent of peace and connection brought to me.

Under the cosmopolitan and hectic city, I continue my journey of love, care and hope.

It is not the city which defines my heart, but I who define myself, and my view towards the city.

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