The Next Day of the Mid Autumn Festival

The Next Day of the Mid Autumn Festival


The next day of Mid Autumn Festival. The blessing still carries on.

Another Chinese cultural festive tradition I would like to share about in the Mid Autumn Festival is the Lanterns. Lantern is one of the common tools being used in a number of festive celebrations, yet none can compare with the Mid Autumn Festival which has such diverse usage of the Lanterns. People lit the lanterns carried by hand, float the sky lanterns, or light the lanterns on tower. Other fun activities include tagging the riddles onto the Lanterns which are hanged to the mid air, and people take down the riddle paper when guessing.

In the past, Lantern was a symbol of fertility, and it was mere a toy and decoration. Today as the festival becomes a modern and entertaining celebration day, lantern also rises to be the representative image of the festival.

I went to search for the deeping meaning of lanterns, and I learnt that the act of lighting in the lanterns helps reflect the people in the past’s wish that warmth would brought into the cold winter.

I admit I hardly emotionally relate to the sincerity of such prayer of those people in the past, as I do not think the winter coldness is such a big deal.

Then I realize how blessed many of us living in the modern cosmopolitan world which protects us from the extreme torture of the cold.

And therefore today I share the images of Lanterns with you all, hoping that we not only enjoy the beautiful images of the decoration, but also we remind the daily blessing we already have as taken for granted.
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