The Little Cultural Findings

The Little Cultural Findings

These are the bits you do not get to see in your own world.
On the ground of the street, you see dozens of sun-dried mushroom like plants.

When you look closely, you may realize that it is actually LingZhi, a invaluable Chinese medicine for one’s better physical health. Amazingly such expensive herb is just “casually being laid” on a normal street, and people just pass by without taking an extra glance.

As a tourist, I found it an fascinating scene, and I decided to capture that moment of scene, as well as my feeling of amusement.

There is a Chinese proverb which says, “Walking 10,000 miles is better than reading 10,000 books”.

And there is another saying which says, “1 picture is worth 1,000 words”.

Step outside our usual box. Explore our surrounding.
Sometimes, we can find out things we never expect.

Outside our control zone, we continue to see the newness of the world, the beauty of diversity, the meaning of life.

May we take a bit of time to look at our surrounding, the knowns and the unknowns.

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