The Hong Kong Local Neighborhood

The Hong Kong Local Neighborhood


Across the city development, my neighborhood, a small town in Hong Kong, has also undergone massive changes in the last 20 years. After reclamation, gone is the history of the fish habor, added is the flat land, with hundreds of 40-60 leveled apartment-blocks on top, as well as the friendly facilities ranging from the shopping malls, schools, to the sports center and libraries.

As I walked pass this hub, I happened to look at this angle (photo) and felt amazed of the diverse compatibility of the area. The new established hotels stood still, next to a number of primary and secondary schools. Surrounded by them are the local housing estates, some private apartments, some as government funded housing.

A stunning power of urbanization. I grow up under such vibes and culture. Whether I think it is good or not, I stand here appreciating the life it has given to me.

What is your neighborhood like?

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