The Floral Market, Hong Kong

The Floral Market, Hong Kong


The Floral Market, Hong Kong

As the mother’s day is coming closer, my mother and I decided to go to the floral market in Hong Kong to check out some flowers.

The floral market there is actually not a real market, but rather a street full of all the floral or gardening material stores. There you see the different plants from all over the world, from the Mainland China, to Holland, even South Africa.

Recently I have learnt that 80% of the floral production in Yunnan, China is received in Hong Kong. At the market, I gained insight through asking and observation – a rose’s price can vary according its freshness, as well as the condition of the root bottom, and the possibility of blossoming, hence the range from less than 3 HKD, to over 18 HKD, or even higher per one flower; different plantations may grow better if added with the different tailored made soil, and the organic nature of plants also depends on the organic soil, and etc.

These little interesting facts have been absorbed on my mind throughout the walking, and become my treasure.

Go try the different experiences. Expand what we see, and so we expand our minds.

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