The evidence of Strength, Determination, and Life.

The evidence of Strength, Determination, and Life.


I noticed this green plant on the bus on my way to work. Such greenery is common across the buildings and bridges in the Hong Kong city. The first time I learnt about this plant was in science class when our teacher taught us the side effect of plants in our environment. I learnt that such plant was invasive and the noncontrollable growth of it can gradually corrode the solidness of the bridge and require millions of dollars for repairement.

As I grew older, I found my own interest in life, and entered the busy and colorful work journey. I passed the streets and traveled by the bridges either immersed with my own thoughts, focused on the front task, or busy socializing with the others.

It is interesting I arrive at this moment of looking at this bit of green, and I admire at its seemingly unnoticable footage in everyones life, yet never ending determination to grow. It never skips a bit of hard work, until it blossoms at its time.

Sometimes we need not just chase after the biggest for growing power; we are equally empowered by the smallest and unnoticable.

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