The Distance of Love

The Distance of Love

love_physical distance_Aug 1 2014Love is a wonderful thing.
It transcends the limits of the physical distance.
Even when the person is not in front of us, our memories are.
We picture the other person on our heads, our minds and our hearts.
And it goes beyond the picturing.

I believe there is the unseeable binding web between us, that even we are physically apart, we connect in many levels beyond our senses. We think can feel the others.

This is the power of connection of love. And because of this, we conquer and let go of the fear of purely relying on love based on our sensual evidence.

Without eyes to see the person we love.
Without ears to hear the voices we love.
Without mouths to kiss we love.
Without nose to smell the fragrance we love.
Without the physical touch of each other we love.

We pray, we wait, we believe.
And this is what love even stronger than ever.

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