The Difficult Journey to Freedom

The Difficult Journey to Freedom

Truly be Free_Sept 20 2014

How can we be free?

There is no doubt that we all want to be free in life. In the writing journey of one of my previous sharing on “the ultimate freedom – freedom in heart”, my pondering thoughts arrived at the understanding of the importance of spiritual freedom, which transcend the body limits. Upon realization, we seem to stand at the cross road of choices, and ask – how will we lead ourselves to freedom?

Freedom reminds us the moment of us being free, but certainly it comes no easy as we walk closer to it. I came to understanding that people are demotivated to be free, because it is simply so difficult and challenging to do so. There are the different kinds of restrains around us which pull us away on the journey to freedom. In the previous writing, I reflected on how our past trauma and suffering have gradually fixated our being. From the innocent and active being, we enter the sophisticated and imperfect world of hurt and pain, that we gradually wrap a defensive and protective wall between self and the surrounding/people. Such restrain is one of the greatest, as it control our hearts, and we ultimately become the own greatest barrier to freedom.

It is indeed true the power of self-restrain can forbid us from being free. I came across with the different inspirational quotes which highlight the importance of “it’s all about me”, “stop complaining about the surrounding” “You are the only key to change yourself”. In my initial stage of counseling, I also stress the “self-power” and the importance of being myself. Yet across my journey I slowly come to learn, and admit that the surrounding is indeed the equally destructive and powerful influence in controlling us.

In this imperfect world certain circumstances are bound to happen – the extreme gap between the rich and the poor, injustice, unfairness. These things exist long before our birth, and so we are compelled to face them upon our first interaction with outer-ness. It reveals the reality that perhaps we are long trapped before we become aware of being trapped in imperfectness.

I look around my home city, the international business and traveling city of Hong Kong. For the Hongkongers who are born and raised in such developed society, indeed before they realize the true beauty of simplicity of living, they are already injected the wonders of glamour.

I turn to the neighboring country Korea, in where people who are surrounded by the social mainstream influences on “enhancing own physical beauty via whatever means” – the cosmetic surgery, fitness and facial care, before they look at themselves and appreciate their natural beauty.

And therefore, I reckon this is how people may be drawn towards the flaws, because it is the easier path to walk. We simply follow the imperfect world to the preset traps of manipulations, greed and limitless desire. Indeed we are one person, yet surrounded by the many different strong influences/temptations of money, power, fame, physical gratification, and so on. These are the “well-known” weapons driving us away from the journey to freedom. How can we fight against it?

Therefore, to be free, I admit that we have to come a difficult way to be free in heart. We fight hard against the social preset imperfections in the same way as we fight against our own fear and insecurity. It is not easy to fight against such big world and let our fragile “inner” hearts stay within realness.

And so, when I think about some of us who have decided to stay real for the path of freedom, I feel greatly empowered and inspired. The same time, as I think about the majority of us who are stumbled by the outer temptations and obstacles and do not see the sign of freedom, I feel real and emotional.

A difficult path towards freedom. We come to recognize it, and we accept it is part of who we are and where we are in this world. I write this down hoping that this sends bits of meaning to you. May empowerment can reach you via the sharing of words, and I hope it sends us a little support as we face the difficult and challenging journey towards freedom.

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