The cosmopolitan Uphill – Hong Kong City

The cosmopolitan Uphill – Hong Kong City


I went to Central area in Hong Kong today for own affairs. Off the underground train, I slowly passed the street up to the hilly area.

Within this narrow path, there are people walking up and down along the pedestrain lane; more cars waiting impatiently from the congestion, down to the widened ground. The surrounding is full of the mixture of the new modern skyscapers and rather the artistic well kept British architecture, which forms a overwhelmingly compact atmosphere of the area.

I am amazed of the past people’s utilized usage of the higher land of HongKong, and the rapid economic and social race caused since then.

Under the narrow constrained pavement, the people create their own world, painting their own style of colors, and growing stronger and brighter.

I take this photo, letting the spirit of the scene connect with me.

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