The Chinese New Year: Sharing 1

The Chinese New Year: Sharing 1


For the Chinese, the significant holiday of the year would be the Chinese New Year. In the ancient time, the Chinese counted the days according to the own invented “Chinese Calendar”. To welcome the beginning of each new year, the Chinese have a series of preparatory activities and celebrations. Now as in this Chinese New Year period, I hope to take the opportunity to share with you all about the Chinese traditions and culture.

1. Chinese New Year Decorations

Before the Christmas Holiday, many western families follow the traditions of decorating the house, most notably getting a Christmas Tree with the nice small decorations on it.

For the Chinese, the “plantation” would be the flowers, small citrus fruit plantations. 1 week, or even 2 weeks before the new year, people set up the different stalls and local markets across the different districts of Hong Kong.

In the markets, you may enjoy the different colors and styles of the flowers/other plantations – some are in the shapes of butterflies, some remind us the small dots of stars, or there lie the layers of bamboo plants.

There is a four characters of Chinese idiom – 花開富貴, in English pronunciation: “Fa Hui Fu Kwan”, which means “Rich and Honor come with the blooming flowers”. Many people like to buy the “to be blooming” flowers, in hope that the flowers bloom in the New Year time, which signifies the arrival of rich and honor to the families on the special day.

Some may find the markets crowded with human traffic, noisy with people chatting or asking about the price, or you do not like the dirty wet floors due to the random watering. Or such environment reflects the passion and excitement and love of people towards this significant festival.

And this, is indeed the beautiful and energetic spirits of the Chinese Culture.

I share this with you all, hopefully you may also experience “花開富貴” in the New Year time.

I will share more about the Chinese New Year in the next few sharings.

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