The Act of finding positivity within the Negatives

The Act of finding positivity within the Negatives


Step onto the light bits – the act of finding positivity in the negatives

The physical condition of my left foot was getting worse, and I finally was compelled to accept the fact that I had to take the initiative to go see a doctor.

This morning I applied for an hour leave and arrived at a clinic near home. The doctor was late for work, so I waited for sometime inside the  small room.

I had not much to do, so during the time my eyes just wandered around. Then as I lay my sight on the ground, I noticed the multiple dots of lights which formed the interesting pattern around my injured foot.

I was amazed by the scene, and my mind started to wonder my injuried foot lightfully tip between those fun dots – the arising feelings of joy and freedom in heart.

At the end, I had to leave the clinic without the medical consultation, yet right now what remains is the simplicity of happiness at staying with my problem, even the physical one. In negativity, there is always the light which brings us warmth and comfort.

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