Thank you

Thank you

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On the last day of 2015, I like to take sometime alone, to reflect on the journey I have gone so far.

I think of my ups and downs, happiness and tears, excitement and frustrations.
And all these did not happen without people’s presence.
In our years of life, we have been influenced, changed, inspired and empowered by many different people.
Some have been our significant others who have nurtured and guided us to who we are today.
There are some we have bonded closely with and they become some of the most important figures of our lives.
Or those who have lost touch as time went by, yet their mark imprinted in our hearts are permanent.
At this time, let us rethink of all those who have been in our lives.
All the people who have helped shape us into who we are today.
We rethink them with gratitude, warmth and love.
In the new year, we will start another chapter of life, and we will continue to meet the old and new people.
With the blessing hearts, we are empowered by such calm yet gentle waves of inner strength.
Welcome year 2016.
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