Teamwork: Dragon Boat 2

Teamwork: Dragon Boat 2


“Determination, persistence, faith. 
Just hold onto it.
Go, go, go.
Together, we can do it.”

For better preparation of the upcoming Dragon Boat race, our team underwent another practice. Due to the conflicted schedule, only half of the members attended on that day, leaving half of the boat empty.

At the beginning, none of our members believed we could still paddle well. Some members became anxious over the boat’s speed, and accelerated own speed. Some lost count of the paddling numbers and became silent. It came to the point as we reminded each other, that the key to forward depended not on the own personal strength, but the team’s synergy. Then we did the 300 paddling practice.

I hope to particularly highlight the interesting paddling count. One of the points of counting is not really about counting the number, but on maintaining the team spirit. And so the counting is always from “1, 2, 3,”, until the 10th decimal as we call out the actual number. Then in the last 10 paddles, we counted in the desending number, “10, 9, 8…” in order to boost the team energy. 

Dragon Boat is really about a test on not the body, but more the mind. All was left on my mind was the counting number, and one thinking “keep moving, moving, moving.” Sometimes I noticed members’ losing persistence, and I added a yell “keep up!”, to grab back their focus on the team, under one member could not bear the tiredness, and stopped. Without the loud number calling, I wonder how we could keep on the gathered persistence.

We attempted to try again. That moment, I felt more calm and united than ever. I did not have to look. I knew that my team was ready. Along the blowing whistle, we paddled again. Arriving at the 300th paddle, a member requested the stop again, which was responded by the whole team’s positive reinforcement “lets keep up the work!”. We approached a clean beach along with the whole team’s loud yelling, “3, 2, 1…we did it!” 

This, is teamwork. The beauty of sports. It sends the power of ultimate trust, faith and reliance on one and other. With the team power we can go forward in the most unbelievable ways. 

Salute to Sportmanship. 

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