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Jun 7, 2020

A Writer’s Words…

A Writer’s Words一個小小筆者的話 I am not good at writing, but I write, and I love writing.我不擅長寫作,但是我一直在寫,我喜歡寫作。 This blog started back in 2012, when I moved back to my home country Hong Kong, China for work.該博客創建於2012年,當時我從英國回到中國香港工作。 I was devoted to my first job, and I felt that something was still missing in my life.我努力工作,但是我覺得我的生活中仍然缺少一些東西。 I decided
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Jan 19, 2020

Published Article – The Beginning

*Inspirational Thinking on “Beginning”* . A few weeks ago I received an invitation e-mail from Depression Health Network on becoming a guest writer on inspirational thinking. In less than a week I arrived at the moment of writing my first article. I decide to this such “beginning point” as an inspiration to make it my
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