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Oct 18, 2017
Sep 27, 2017

Captured Moment Series – 33

The withering flowers have had their blossoming moments. Our passing times and ages deserve an attention to too. It is about the beauty having being shown, moments having shared. And the memories are well captured and not forgotten. #nature #naturephotography #garden #quiet #inspiration #daily #dailymotivation #motivation #motivationalquotes #nurturing #green #photography #photooftheday #sharing #empower #empowerment #inspire
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Sep 26, 2017

Captured Moment Series – 32

A garden needs the continuous nurturing and delicate care. So as our inner selves. #nature #naturephotography #garden #quiet #inspiration #daily #dailymotivation #motivation #motivationalquotes #nurturing #green #photography #photooftheday #sharing #empower #empowerment #inspire #red #mindful #self #positivevibes #positivethinking #humanity #beopenminded #mindfulness #empathy #respect #meditate #transquility

What Exactly is Empathy? (Part 2)

Part One of Article – What Exactly is Empathy? (Part One)  3. Empathy is a Special Being with Another Person. “The special being with another person – called as empathy…An element which is extremely important in understanding the personality dynamics and for affecting changes in personality, human behavior.”   – Carl Rogers, Extracted from his seminar on
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Love me Less, Love me Longer.

Many have postulated love to me like the shooting star. Beautiful but not permanent. And then this image appears in front of me – The couple draw the shape of heart on the sand. The heart looks so beautiful and glorious under the shining sunlight. And then the sea waves approach and wash away the
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Who Am I? On My Professional and Personal Philosophy Journey: Final Part 3

Original Location: http://corimuscounseling.blogspot.hk/2014/05/who-am-i-on-my-professional-and_18.html Part One: http://corimuscoun.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/who-am-i-on-my-professional-and-personal-philosophy-journey-part-one/ Part Two: http://corimuscoun.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/who-am-i-on-my-professional-and-personal-philosophy-journey-part-two/ Moving On: Then What?    Upon graduation I returned to my home country to reunite fully with my parents, with the passion that I could integrate my experiences with my professional counseling work. I re-resided in the family home (the common Eastern cultural practice that daughters
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On Relationships: Being with Someone

“I am going to book a nice Italianrestaurant. I also need to prepare the flowers…”   “I must get onto this killer dress. Hm the perfume…don’t I forget to bring THAT lipstick!” Days after days. Dates after dates. And we gradually shift our focus of pleasing the other half, to the pleasing of self. “I don’t
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Love Will Find A Way

I googled the phrase “Believe in Love”, to see how people interpret it. I see some marked their strong belief in love and its wonderfulness. I also read phrases reflecting the feelings of suffering from the pain of love, yet “Still”  wanting to believe. And then I see some who simply reject the existence of
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Learning Empathy: Why Do We Need It?

Empathy is an important element for the fulfillment of one putting self into another, hence its significant role in good interpersonal relationships. In counseling learning, all teaching approaches from the various disciplines agree on the key to the building therapeutic relationship as the therapist’s empathy – the awareness of the feelings, meaning of words of
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Who Am I? On My Professional and Personal Philosophy Journey: Part Two

Part One: http://corimuscoun.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/who-am-i-on-my-professional-and-personal-philosophy-journey-part-one/ Originally From: http://corimuscounseling.blogspot.hk/2014/05/who-am-i-on-my-professional-and_5.html The questioning of “Being Self”    I was also aware of the rising voice of the missing inner piece – now looking back I can better postulate it as the suppression of turning to the personal and subjective meaning of being human, and the forced order to objectify and
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