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Day Scene of Hong Kong

The day scene of The Hong Kong City I was at the Peak in Hong Kong yesterday morning for an enjoyable volunteering service. The Peak, as located at the top of a hill, is one of the highest spots in Hong Kong where you can view the whole beautiful Hong Kong scenary. I arrived at
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Have A Good Week Ahead

I took it at 6 a.m. today downstairs within my living estate. The beginning of the week. The sun comes out, and the sky begins to clear the waves of darkness, and the faint paint of reddish orange slowly emerge. The sign of energy, hope, and soft strength. I capture this beginning moment, and share
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Full Moon in Hong Kong

Full Moon in Hong Kong Despite my failed attempt to catch the glimpse of the blood moon, I enjoyed this equally beautiful night scene tonight. I believe no matter what scenes we see, no matter how special the view is, the most important thing is our hearts. We may come across with the even rarer
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