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Feb 14, 2021

Does Culture Matter in Therapy (and why)?

‘The concept of culture is more than just an individual’s race/ethnicity. Our cultural backgrounds, from psychological understanding, include a collection of external influences in a person. Even in the same ethno-cultural group, individuals are culturally different in regards to other influences such as religion, social class, education, gender, sexuality, age, career position, professional discipline, etc.’
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Aug 31, 2020

What Exactly is Empathy? (Part 1)

After writing my first article sharing on empathy (Learning Empathy: Why Do We Need It?)  , I received with interest and gratitude a few warm replies on the interest at understanding about empathy from the different perspectives. Therefore I would like to draw from my different learning experiences to give a summary on how I
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Learning Empathy: Why Do We Need It?

Empathy is an important element for the fulfillment of one putting self into another, hence its significant role in good interpersonal relationships. In counseling learning, all teaching approaches from the various disciplines agree on the key to the building therapeutic relationship as the therapist’s empathy – the awareness of the feelings, meaning of words of
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