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Love is not Easily Angered.

We do feel angry over certain things and people. And especially when it comes to love. The more we love a person, the more easily we get angry over the small details, because we do care. Why is love greater than anger then? Perhaps it is because anger derives within one person, whereas love can
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Love Is Not Self-Seeking.

A relationship begins with “I” – I want to enter a relationship, I am interested in/into you, I think he/she can give me… Then slowly we connect and bond. We begin to step into the other’s world without self-advantage. We feel what it is like being the other person. We increasingly let the other person
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Love Does Not Proud

I find that being proud is like one being on stage. It is common knowledge that one is required to put on makeup before performing on the stage, as the brightness of light can blur the sharpness of the facial features. It is not just the appearance which is masked. Our behavior become exaggerated, our
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Love does not Boast

Why do we sometimes become “other selves” in front of the others? At that moment, we are probably thinking we want others to see the “good sides” of us – the successful, bright side of us. Yet we gradually lose the time when we reveal our true selves, as we never get the time for
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Love is Envy

There are times when we hit the bottom in life and do not see light.Perhaps we get cheated, or there are other important things we get taken away.We ask why things happen to us, and why others are in better shape than us.Feel the love in our hearts. It is the love which only exists
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Love is Kind.

Kindness is one’s great virtue. Goodness is produced out of kind words, acts and beliefs. The kindness in relationship is even more complex, especially the long ones. As fondness fades, soon the harder and more ignored kindness in the relationship, especially the frustrating, disappointing and saddening ones. And that is indeed the reason we continue
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Love is Patient.

When love comes easy, we enjoy the happiness as coming along. We grow comfortably with the presence of such fondness of love, that it slowly gets taken for granted.   Indeed in real life, perhaps that is the reason we never experience the perfect love – from imperfectness, we learn to be patient, and truly
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The Words on Eternal Love

What is eternal love? There are thousands of sayings and quotes about the key factors to the long-lasting love. I have not seen one which can captivate the spirits of love better than this. Instead of focusing on doing my writing, I would rather sit down and chew the words.

One Step Forward for Love

Alone we can do little, together we can do so much. In a relationship, we are no longer the single. We are connected with The One Physically, emotionally and spiritually. And because of the connection we gain courage to protect it. We are willing to step outside our comfort zones. Because we have love.

Love me Less, Love me Longer.

The moment we fall in love There is this overwhelming feeling around us. Sparkling, Sensual, Addictive. We look at each other’s eyes And find our life destination. (Tiffany Leung) Then time goes by, so as the overwhelming. Over the gone passion is the plainness of reality. Colorless, Ordinary, unexciting. There seems to be a missing
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